Graduate Jennifer Rodriguez Ng

Instyle salon inside of JCPenney- Cosmetologist
Year of Graduation from LIBS –
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Q: Why did you choose a career in beauty?

I chose a career in beauty school because I love serving, I love helping anyone in any way I can, especially when it comes to beauty. I love making someone feel even more beautiful and love that I get to be creative EVERY SINGLE DAY! I love that when I’m behind a chair I get to connect with my client not just as a hairdresser or makeup artist but we become their friends and therapist we don’t just make them look good but also feel good that’s what I love about being in the beauty industry! We get to wear many hats and every day is a different day!

Q: Where do you work now and what is your specialty?

 Currently, I am working inside JCPenney at Instyle salon and my specialty is Balayage/ Foilayage 

Q: What is the biggest benefit of your career choice?

 The biggest benefit for me is the flexibility. Before I’m a hairdresser I’m a mom to my muse, my beautiful 7 year old princess! I’m blessed that as a hairdresser you control your time and that means the world to me!

Q: What is your favorite memory from LIBS?

 My favorite memory from LIBS was orientation. I loved the feeling I got when I realized I was finally doing something I was so excited to do, I was so motivated and excited! 

Q; Any advice for students, new graduates or people interested in a beauty career?

My advice is to NEVER stop learning! The Beauty industry is always changing. Keep learning! In the beginning, don’t be afraid to venture out to new things! Don’t limit your self to just one area, explore everything! For example; I was so certain I was going to be a hair cutter and makeup artist, I thought “that’s it! I just want to cut and do makeup!” But now I do it all! Yes, I was intimidated with color and thought “I can’t do all those fancy things…I’ll just stick to the basics” but now, I LOVE COLOR! I took my weakness and turned it into my strength. Currently, I’m moving on to my next weakness to see if I can turn it into something that won’t ever intimidate me when a client ask me if I can do this.

So again, become a sponge. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the industry always absorb everything and keep learning! 

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