Menu of Student Salon Services

Hairstyling/Haircutting (all services include a shampoo)
Roller-Set (with deep conditioner treatment)
 Roller-Set (with blow-out)
Roller-Set (with flat-iron)
 Roller-Set (with blow-out/flat iron)
 Roller-Set & Wrap
 Blow Dry
Blow Dry & Curl
Blow Dry & Flat Iron
Haircut & Blowdry
Haircut, Blowdry, Curl
Haircut, Blowdry, Flat Iron
Mold (with curls)
Braiding (upon availability)
 Corn Rows (straight back)
 Corn Rows (with designs)
 Locks & Twists (maintenance)
 Color Service (includes blowdry or roller-set)
 Haircolor Virgin (demi & permanent)
 Haircolor Re-Touch
 Cellophane Glaze
 Highlight (partial)
 Highlight (full)
 Frosting Cap
 Special Effects
 Toners (additional)
Texture Services
Permanent Wave (basic)
Permanent Wave (spiral)
 Chemical Virgin Relaxer (roller-set included)
 Chemical Relaxer Re-Touch (roller-set included)
 Wave By Design Virgin (haircut included)
Wave By Design Virgin Re-Touch (haircut included)
 Keratin Smoothing Treatment
 Other Services
 Manicure (with 10 minute hand massage)
 Deep Conditioner Treatment
*Prices are subject to consultation.

All services performed by supervised students.