Laura Harris Graduate
Laura Harris GraduateLicensed Cosmetologist
“Success has always been a main goal in my life and in order to fulfill this goal I knew it was essential for me to not only enter a field that I am passionate for, but to obtain a job that I love doing. However finding the right school was key. Long Island Beauty School has played a major part in shaping and molding me while preparing me for a career in the wonderful world of cosmetology. The administration and instructors as well as students become one big family on this journey. Helping you to achieve all that you set out to do. Making it bitter sweet when its time to go. They prepare you for every aspect of the business even building your confidence and skills to past the state exam. Here at LIBS you stand to obtain great knowledge as well as professional and personal skills that will make you successful! Good Luck on all your endeavors! You chose the right school!”
Imaiai Crooks
Imaiai Crooks
“Today on July 2, 2014 I’ve come full circle with the last day of beauty school. During these past eight months I’ve had triumphant highs that gave confidence and sobering woes that humbled me. All in all I’ve had an amazing team of instructors to teach all that I need to know to pursue my lifelong dream in the beauty industry. I thank every instructor, owner, director, client and fellow student that helped mold me into who I’ve learned to be. I promise to visit and keep in touch, I’ll miss you all.”
Melissa Cornell
Melissa Cornell
“I really enjoyed my experience here. The teachers are amazing!”

I want to thank you all for the support and the best experience I ever had here. I am truly going to miss the school and all the staff. I am so happy to have finally pursed my dreams of becoming a hairdresser and now being able to go to the next step. I love you all and thank you so much

Lisa Mariotti

Hi everyone, my name is Steven and I would like to share with you guys my experience here at Long Island beauty school. When I first signed up to register I felt very welcome and the staff was very friendly and helped answer all my questions. I came in into the school as an experienced barber and was open minded to learning how to do women’s hair and add on to my knowledge of cutting and learn how to be a better barber with a stylists touch. I’ve use those skills that I learned in school and applied it to my every day work and my clients love it. Long Island Beauty School has experience instructors that have been in the field or who still are and willing to share the knowledge and experiences with students. All my instructors have been helpful and always pushed me to help me reach my fullest potential and gave me the boost of confidence to finish school program to get the most important thing, my cosmetology license. I’m happy to say that I have my license now and i’m enjoying what I do for a living.

Steven Oropeza