Financial Aid

Financial Aid for those who qualify

Financial assistance is available to students who are eligible and qualify. Our Financial Aid Department can assist you in determining your eligibility and which types of financial aid may be available to you. Our advisors will also be there to help you with the entire application process.

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Our Financial Aid Department

The Financial Aid Department works with various State and Federal agencies and lending institutions and can aid you in applying for various grants and loans that you may be eligible for, following an assessment of your individual needs.

Types of Financial Aid

If you are looking for help to pay for school there are different types of aid available. Below is a list of basic finical aid. If you need help or have questions please feel free to contact any of our finical aid officers.


Grants are based on need and usually do not have to be repaid. Grants can be federal, state or private. Sometimes grants do need to be paid back in cases such as early withdrawal.  Find out more about grants by going to our grants and loans page.


Scholarships do not have to be repaid and are usually awarded based on merit. Scholarships can be federal, state or private. We have a list of scholarships available for cosmetology students on our scholarships page.


Loans have to be repaid. There are two basic types of loans, federal and private. Federal loans are funded by the federal government. Private loans are nonfederal and are made by lenders such as banks, credit unions or state agencies. Find out more about loans by going to our grants and loans page.

*Financial Aid available for those who qualify.