Why Long Island Beauty School?

Family History

Frank Pappacoda and Sal Pappacoda are second-generation school owners. They grew up in the schools and salons their families owned, learning the hairdressing and cosmetology trade day in and day out through observation and hands-on experience. As a result, Long Island Beauty School is backed by the strength and support of a network of schools while maintaining a solid history of family involvement.

Sustainable Education

As part of your Long Island Beauty School education, you’ll learn all the latest styles and techniques that are hot right now. You can apply the skills you learn in the classroom simultaneously on actual clients who seek our  hairstyling and cutting services.

Our curriculum aims to teach all phases of hairdressing and cosmetology. We make it fun, too! Our students put their skills to the test when they participate in events like Fashion Week, where they can work on actual models for the show and present their own work. As such, we take pride in the education and advancement of our students. Become one of us today and get started on your path to a bright future in the beauty industry. We have the programs and courses that are just right for you to pursue your dream.

Our goal is to change our students’ lives in a positive way. Through the application of a killer hairstyle or perfect cut, you have the power to change a person’s whole perspective on life. So get out there and be successful! It all starts here. Call us today to get your application going. Before long, you’ll be proud to say you’re a student here at Long Island Beauty School.