Love everything about the beauty and fashion industry? Interested in starting a career in cosmetology but aren’t quite sure you want to work in a salon? Understanding the basics of cosmetology is the perfect foundation for many other careers you can pursue with your license. Take a look at all the different career paths that might be perfectly suited to your personality and talents.

Salon Owner

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and have always wanted to start and own your very own business, open your own salon! This exciting opportunity takes leadership and business skills as well as people skills but with the right business plan and team, can lead to a successful career.

Fashion Show Stylist

If you are a behind-the-scenes person, and you love the fast-paced work environment, a fashion show stylish is for you. Behind the scenes is where the runway magic happens. You’ll collaborate with models and designers to create hair and makeup magic that goes right along with their overall vision.

Cosmetology Instructor

If you are inspired to help others learn how to succeed with a cosmetology career, you could become a cosmetology instructor. This career path has many exciting layers including speaking engagements, educational consultant, workshop leaders, and more. Keep in mind you might have to obtain additional certificates and credentials required by your state.

Personal Stylist

This is a fun and rewarding career for you if you are patient and flexible. A personal stylist usually works for a celebrity that needs hair, and makeup for special appearances. It could be for a Hollywood A-List celebrity, a New York City Broadway performer, or a local news anchor.

Artistic Director

If you have a creative edge, an artistic director career for a fashion company may be right for you. Artistic directors create new hairstyles, and makeup looks that are fashion-forward and innovative. Not only will you create new looks, but you will also document them and teach others how to create them.

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