New Year…New Career!

Do you feel like your dreams of a fulfilling career were put on hold due reasons you had no control over? Perhaps you had plans to go to beauty school, but maybe the time was just not right? 

Now’s Your Chance…

Don’t let your career aspirations sit on the back burner any longer. You deserve to embark on a career path that is fun, dynamic, and rewarding! A career in beauty offers all of that and more. Whether you’re interested in being a makeup artist, a hairstylist, or even owning your own salon—attending beauty school is the first step in making your dreams come true.

Opportunities at Long Island Beauty School

We understand that your schedule is busy and chaotic enough as it is; that’s why our team at Long Island Beauty School is happy to offer flexible full-time and part-time programs to suit your needs, as well as day and evening classes. In the wake of COVID, we are even offering a blend of virtual and hands-on learning, which allows you to conveniently take your theory courses online and come into school for your hands-on practice.

This type of schedule tends to be perfect for busy students with kids or other life obligations, as you can attend classes online while still enjoying the many benefits of working with clients at our physical location. In many ways, this arrangement offers our students the best of both worlds—and makes a career in the beauty industry more attainable than ever!

Start Pursuing Your Dreams Today!

There has never been a better time to enroll in beauty school and start working towards your dream job. There is a huge demand for experienced hairstylists, makeup artists, and other beauty professionals. Ready to find out more about Long Island Beauty School and our offering of courses to fit your schedule? Contact us today to get started; we’ve been helping hard-working and busy people like you create success stories for more than 65 years!