We attended the recent International Beauty Show in New York, which always sets the stage for the latest and greatest beauty trends. Top brands in the beauty industry shared emerging tips and tricks, and we just couldn’t get enough! We took notes from some of the biggest in the industry like Amika, Chi, Crown Makeup, DND, and others who gave us the inside scoop on the hottest looks that are soon to come. 

Attending an amazing show like this is a great opportunity for both professionals and students alike. LIBS instructors and students went to the IBS show in early March and here’s what we noticed:   

Skinimalism “Less is More”

The skinimalism trend focuses on simplifying your skincare routine with an emphasis on gentle, multipurpose, and environmentally friendly products that embrace skin health and hydration and provide a natural, radiant glow. 

Sustainable Beauty Packaging 

Eco-consciousness continues to make waves in the beauty industry. Brands presented innovative packaging solutions made from recycled materials, biodegradable plastics, and even reusable containers. We look forward to reducing our environmental footprint while still enjoying our favorite beauty products! 

Personalized Skincare and AI Technology

The future of beauty is here, and it’s all about customization! Exhibitors introduced cutting-edge AI-powered tools that analyze your skin type and recommend personalized skincare routines. You can now achieve optimal skin health with products tailored to your specific needs, making generic one-size-fits-all solutions a thing of the past.  

Black-to-Blonde Hair Journey

The daring black-to-blonde trend is a dramatic transformation that takes naturally dark, black hair and transforms it to a stunning and bright blonde. The difficulty in achieving this bold transformation is to ensure proper technique is stripping and dying the hair. The gradient lift of the dark black to a light blonde is a gorgeous way to produce an entirely different look! 

Multidimensional Metallics

Shades featuring deep, shimmering tones of copper, silver, and gold add depth and shine to your hair with a futuristic, edgy vibe. These colors are rising in popularity and add a different element to hair color.   

Experiencing IBS firsthand is just one of the many ways Long Island Beauty School prepares students for a successful career. Both our Hauppauge and Hempstead locations attended the event, and it is a privilege to make memories with our students! Pursue your dreams in a life of beauty and inquire about our cosmetology, nail specialty, or esthetics programs today!