The beauty industry is not exclusively for women. In fact, men today are taking more of an interest in personal grooming than ever before. The beard is in, and it has been back for several years now. However, beard trends are constantly changing and evolving.

At Long Island Beauty School, we predict that these beard trends will rise within the next several months and years:

The Beardstache

The Beardstache is a unique take on the traditional beard-and-mustache combination. Rather than keeping an even length and trim across the entire face, the Beardstache requires a man to allow his mustache to grow slightly longer than his beard. This makes the mustache a more prominent feature and allows it to be a focal point on the face. This style is quickly increasing in popularity, and luckily, it is a versatile beard style that complements most facial shapes.

The Scruffy Stubble

The Scruffy Stubble is a classic and timeless beard style. While the look of stubble used to indicate that someone was lazy or out-of-work, today it proves that a man can look great and work hard at the same time. Essentially, this beard style requires a man to keep a permanent shadow on their face. It may look slightly messy and unkept, but the reality is that it takes a lot to maintain this look. Some men have to trim twice a day in order to maintain just the right amount of scruff.

The Portlander

The Portlander may soon become the iconic beard style of this decade. Named after the city where it first became popular, this beard style consists of a long, full beard — similar to the type of beard a lumberjack may have donned. Those who rock the Portlander today aren’t looking for a practical way to protect themselves from the elements. Rather, they know the strength of their beard and they are proud of the mane that they can grow.

Beards will continue to be popular among men in all age groups, but it’s important that men select a beard style that suits their facial shape. By staying on top of the latest trends, beauty school students can provide their clients with expert recommendations based on their sense of style and their natural features.

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