If you are looking to take the next step in your beauty career or you are hoping to start down a new path into the beauty industry, then you may be spending a lot of time looking into the various beauty schools in your area. As you are doing your research, it’s important to know the best questions to ask and the most critical factors to look for in a potential school.

These are the five questions you need to ask when deciding on a beauty school:

Does This School Offer Real-World Experience?

Some beauty schools simply provide their students with mannequin heads to work with during their courses. However, it’s important to select a beauty school that will give you an opportunity to try out new techniques and trends on actual people in a real-world environment.

Are Students Able to Learn in a Salon Environment?

In order to be successful in a salon environment, beauty school students need to be given the opportunity to apply the theory work that they have learned in a professional setting. They should do this during their education, rather than after graduation. Noting this, it’s vital to choose a beauty school that offers learning opportunities in a salon environment.

What is the School’s Completion and Licensing Rates?

The completion and licensing rates at an individual school can say a lot about the programming that they offer. You should focus your search on schools that offer high completion and licensing rates, as this proves that they have an effective program available to students.

Does the School Have Partnerships with Local Salons?

When you select a beauty school that has formed valuable connections with the local community, you will have more opportunities to learn skills and build your professional network. You should search for a school that has formed partnerships with local salons in order to offer its students demos and job fairs.

Does the School Offer Multiple Education Programs or Does The School Focus Just On Beauty? 

By applying to a school that specializes in beauty, you will have more opportunities tailored to your education of interest. These schools can help you meet your unique interests and career goals. You will receive in-depth training in beauty and develop your own niche talents.

Deciding on a Beauty School

At Long Island Beauty School, we are proud to offer all of these features, programs and more to our students. We provide students not only with the education and training that they need to succeed, but also the support that is required in order to compete in this ever-changing industry.

For more information about why Long Island Beauty School is the best option for you, contact us today to schedule a virtual tour.