There is no greater joy in life than watching your children grow up to discover their passions and transform their interests into a career. But pursuing a career doesn’t necessarily require a four-year degree. If you have an artistic child who is enthralled with beauty and fashion, and who would rather work with their hands than read through a text book, then beauty school may be a great choice for them.

Here are three things parents need to know about beauty school that sets it apart from four-year colleges and universities:

Beauty School Offers a Skills-Based Learning Environment

The traditional university setting requires students to sit in a classroom, listening to lectures and taking notes. At beauty school, students are immersed in a hands-on learning environment. Not only do they develop a foundation of knowledge that will fuel them throughout their career, but they also receive technical training to provide their clients with the customized service that they will expect.

Beauty School Allows Students to Focus on a Niche Industry

Rather than getting a general education in a field like technology, teaching or business, beauty school students are able to focus on the niche industry that interests them most. All of their classes are focused on the beauty industry, the latest trends, techniques, business practices and more, meaning that each lesson is relevant and useful. They graduate from beauty school with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed as a beauty professional.

Beauty School Prepares Students for the Professional World

Beauty school students work directly with industry professionals, allowing them to begin developing their professional network while they are learning the skills of their chosen trade. In the captivating beauty school environment, students begin to understand what it takes to be a leading professional in this dynamic, competitive and ever-growing industry.

Far too many young people — and their parents — assume that a four-year degree is the only way forward. The fact of the matter is, trade schools such as beauty schools provide students with an affordable, skills-based education that prepares them for their career of choice. At Long Island Beauty School, we are proud to be a leading cosmetology school in the region, and we would love to help your aspiring beauty professional kick-start their career.

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