Keratin treatments harness the power of the hair’s natural proteins. The hair follicles produce keratin, but the protein decreases gradually through environmental exposure over time. The sun and chemical treatments can strip the hair of keratin and leave behind dry and frizzy areas. The Long Island Beauty salon offers keratin treatments to infuse the hair with keratin once again and make your locks look more beautiful than ever.

Benefits of Keratin Treatments

The top reason to seek a keratin treatment is to make your hair smooth and shiny. Hair will never look healthier following a keratin treatment appointment. As you walk out of the salon, you’ll notice your hair is no longer dry and frizzy. Without any additional products, your hair will have a smooth and glossy appearance. Since keratin helps bond strands together, the treatment is also effective for eliminating split ends. After the treatment, you’ll find hair drying times cut in half. Also, you will reduce the heat used to dry and protect the strands from damage. Since your hair won’t be thick and frizzy, you’ll find it easy to style.

What to Expect During Salon Keratin Treatments

Although you can find retail keratin hair products, they don’t work instantly like a professional keratin treatment. Keratin treatments are chemical processing appointments done within a salon by a stylist. The stylist mixes a unique formulation based on your hair type and length. After washing, the hair is saturated with the keratin treatment and allowed to soak into the follicles. The keratin treatment is sealed with heat to activate the formula. Although timeframes vary, you can expect the appointment to last around two hours. Results are long-lasting, meaning you may only need to return a couple of times yearly. Frequent hair washing will remove keratin from the strands. However, if you only wash your hair three times per week, the treatment can last up to six months.

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