The beauty industry is always searching to add more bilingual cosmetologists to their staff. According to Psychology Today, being bilingual has proven emotional, cognitive and financial benefits. Besides improving cognitive function and helping make more interpersonal connections, knowing a second language has been linked to being worth at least $128,000 over the course of 40 years. The following are the top ways being bilingual is a major asset in the beauty industry:

Attract Diverse Clientele

Throughout the east coast, many communities have a large Spanish-speaking population. When a salon has a large Hispanic client base, the company will look to hire bilingual stylists to effectively communicate with customers. You could also assist with any translations required between clients and staff members. When you are bilingual, you will attract more clients that prefer someone who speaks their native tongue.

Upgrade Resumes

If you are bilingual, this asset should be highlighted at the top of your resume. This is a highly valued skill and will make your resume stick out when applying for competitive positions. Many job board ads will state specifically that the employer is looking for bilingual cosmetologists and stylists.

New Travel Opportunities

When you are bilingual, you have more flexibility in where you choose to work. Not only can you work in Hispanic communities, but also you can relocate completely to a Spanish-speaking country. If you choose to move to Puerto Rico, Mexico, or Spain, you will not have to face any language barriers when securing a new position. You may also have the chance to travel for work and attend seminars and workshops taught in Spanish.

Style Experimentation

When you are bilingual, you will work on clients from different cultures. These clients may want a style that looks very dissimilar from traditional American hairstyles. You will get to work on different hair types and stay on top of trends that are popular with the Hispanic community.

Getting your cosmetology license when you’re bilingual has never been easier. When attending Long Island Beauty School, you have the option of enrolling in the cosmetology program with courses available in Spanish. Contact the admissions department today to learn more.