Those who are heading to the beauty salon for a color treatment are looking for vivid, long-lasting results, and they want to work with a stylist who can provide them with personalized service. At Long Island Beauty School, our students receive expert training so that they can exceed the expectations of every client they work with, and provide them with the look that they crave.

In order to do this, they need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. Most recently, Goldwell @Pure Pigments has been the hair color treatment that everyone has been talking about. Here’s a few noteworthy facts about this trending product:

Goldwell @Pure Pigments Provides Better Color and Lasting Shine

There are endless benefits to this specialty product. For starters, the Goldwell @Pure Pigments colors provide 63 percent more shine than standard hair colors. In addition, these pigments significantly boost the intensity of the color formula that the stylist uses. Best of all, the @Pure Pigments line is twice as resistant to fading as traditional pigments, giving clients the long-lasting color that they both need and want.

Goldwell @Pure Pigments Offers Six Tones to Unleash Infinite Coloring Possibilities

Goldwell @Pure Pigments is a unique line of six concentrated tones, each designed to create distinct effects for the individual client. Stylists can use these concentrated tones to achieve the exact look that their client prefers, in nearly every shade. Bright, vivid tones can be achieved by using the Pure Yellow, Pure Orange, Pure Violet and Pure Red pigments. Conversely, Pearl Blue and Matte Green pigments can be used to soften tones or counteract unwanted tones.

Goldwell @Pure Pigments Color Technology Creates a Distinct, Luminous Look

At the end of a color treatment in which the stylist utilizes the Goldwell @Pure Pigments products, the client will be amazed at the luminous look that has been created for them. The technology within these pigments results in a three-dimensional look, in which the shades and tones will change and shift with the natural light of any location.

At Long Island Beauty School, our students have access to the latest resources in the beauty industry, ensuring that they leave the school prepared to provide their clients with the hottest looks of the moment. For more information on trending topics in the beauty industry and to learn more about our programs, contact us today.