If you are considering a career in hair styling and coloring, then you are probably aware of the latest hair trends. One of the biggest trends for Spring 2022 that we are seeing at Long Island Beauty School is “crimson hair color”. This isnt your ordinary red-headed hair color. It’s a showstopping combination of a fiery and bold red thats been seen on many runways for Fashion Week with celebrity models, like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and pop princess, Dua Lipa, rocking this trend. Keep in mind, that it takes some courage to go with a hair color thats going to turn heads, but for those brave and beautiful souls that crave something a little bit different than your average brunette or blond, crimson may be the way to go. 

Stunning Multi-Faceted Hair Color 

One of the things we teach our students at Long Island Beauty School is different techniques to achieve a desired look.That means for the crimson trend, its not going to be one shade of red. Different shades of the bold hue are artfully weaved throughout the hair, giving it a multi-faceted hair color thats vibrant and unique. Clearly, this isnt a color anyone is born with, but more and more clients are enjoying a walk onto the wild side of red. Its hair color that makes a statement. 

Fiery Hair That Turns Heads

Having crimson hair is a trend thats going to turn heads. In order to make this color work for you, its vital that you take care of it to prevent it from fading. Crimson red hair color is delicate on the hair and when subjected to the wrong shampoos, and unfiltered water, it can fade fast into more of a washed-out strawberry. Thats why its imperative that you use a sulfate-free, and color-safe shampoo. No harsh cleansers allowed. 

If you install a filter on your shower head at home, this is going to soften up the water making it less harsh on your hair. Your color will fade slower and be more beautifully vibrant for longer.  

Want to Learn More About Trending Styles?

Are you ready to learn how to do the trendiest hair coloring styles, like crimson? At Long Island Beauty School, we offer an amazing cosmetology program that will give you all the skills and tools you need for a career in the thriving beauty industry. Speak with our admissions team today orsend us a messageto learn more about the beauty programs we offer.