With both wedding season and the 28thAnnual Long Island Beauty School Student Up-Do Competition nearly upon us, we thought it was the perfect time to highlight the up-dos and hairstyles you’ll likely be seeing this spring and summer.

According to current wedding trends and style experts, popular styles this year range from messy and “undone” to classic chic and sleek. Let’s get started!

Wedding Hairstyles You Can Expect for the 2019 Season

1. The Classic Chignon

The word chignon is French for bun. But don’t let that fool you. Chignon du cou is the original phrase for this hairstyle, and it means “bun of the neck,” specifically at the nape.

In other words, chignons sit low on the head; buns can sit anywhere, even right on top! Chignons are also classically sleek — never messy. The fun thing is you can create your chignon in a variety of ways: Twisted (as with a typical bun), knotted, wrapped in sections, etc.

2. The Messy Braid

Although it looks great with a pair of overalls or a cute summer dress, the messy braid can also pair well with a wedding gown. We love braids because they are both historical and modern. Women have been wearing braids in far-reaching cultures across the world for hundreds of years.

This year’s popular wedding braid achieves the “messy look” by featuring slight pulls of hair from each section. Beginning at the bottom and working your way up expands the size of the braid and adds whimsical texture. Add in some baby’s breath for even more heavenly charm.

3. The Loose Elegant Crown

Inspired by the Instagram flower crown? Perhaps!

This ‘do can be created with a loose braid or a textured twist of dual sections. The hair is parted in the center, and two entwined sections are created at the nape (braids or twists).

These are then wrapped up and around the crown near the forehead. They are pinned behind each other to hide the ends. Add delicate tendrils in front of the ears and/or flowers or barrettes to enhance the look!

Test Your Winning Hairstyle at the Upcoming 2019 Up-Do Competition!

LIBS Updo Competition

Join us at the Huntington Hilton on Monday, May 13th for the 28thAnnual Long Island Beauty School Student Up-Do Competition! The event will begin at 6:00pm and judging will take place before the event’s completion at 10:00pm. The theme will be evening wear.

In addition to the up-do competition, recruitment and product vendors will also be located on the second floor for our Career Fair. Bring your best up-do idea to compete or just come to enjoy the event and connect with other alumni.

We welcome all students and graduates to enjoy a fine evening of fun and competition! Learn more here.