While you might have assumed that beauty professionals read magazines like Vogue, Elle, Cosmo, and Harpers Bazaar, youd actually be wrong.

Thats because these are all magazines for regular people, or, put another way, theyre what our clients read! Theres nothing wrong with these mags, of course. They make for perfectly good reads and can often carry really great advice for beauty novices and professionals alike.

Still, when you work in the beauty industry, you’re lucky enough to have several magazines catered directly to you, and below, we’ve complied a list of our 5 favorites:

1. Modern Salon

Modern Salon claims to be “the salon industry’s head-to-toe beauty resource.” They provide beauty professionals with help choosing the right products, services, and education, as well as creative inspiration, step-by-step tutorials, and career advice.

2. Behind the Chair

Behind the Chair, or BTC for short, encompasses an entire platform for beauty professionals, including how-tos, galleries, articles, “BTC University,” and more. Be sure to check out their social media pages as well. Their Instagram is a riot with everything from cute and hilarious memes to hair styling tutorials and tips for budding business men and women.

3. NewBeauty

When you want to keep up with trends and know exactly what’s on the cutting edge in the beauty world, be sure to keep up with NewBeauty Magazine. Learn about advanced treatments, new strategies for anti-aging, new and fun products, and much more.

4. Salon Today

Salon Today offers amazing tips and advice for the business-building side of the beauty profession. After all, it’s not all cuts, color, makeup, and nails. To make it in the beauty industry, it’s critical to have business acumen as well. This is Salon Today’s speciality. Hone and grow your business with their savvy advice and ideas.

5. Beauty News NYC

Founded in 2003, Beauty News NYC claims to be the first online beauty magazine. The site includes lifestyle articles, fashion and beauty tips and advice, entertainment stories, product recommendations, and much more.

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