The LIBS Beauty Design Team had the privilege of working backstage at this year’s New York Fashion Week in February. The team worked multiple shows over the span of 2 days… something only a few can do! The hustle and bustle of the shows were no match for the dedication our team has! Each day at NYFW was filled with abundant opportunities and very successful networking. We are proud to represent such a strong-willed and passionate team and are so pleased with the memories and success created during these events!

The Fashion Life Tour

Instagram: @thefashionlifetour

On Friday, February 11th, the LIBS Beauty Design Team worked backstage for The Fashion Life Tour at the Westin in Times Square. The Fashion Life Tour is a multiple-designer runway show, produced by CEO Kiara Belen—who is a successful and established model herself, having been runner-up on America’s Next Top Model! This show served as a platform for fashion designers and emerging models to showcase their talents and gain experience at Fashion Week. Our LIBS Beauty Design Team worked on both children and adult models, allowing them to be able to handle different kinds of clients and desired hairstyles. The LIBS Beauty Design Team collaborated with our partner school, the New York Institute of Beauty’s Make Up Team and did an amazing job at this show!

Infinite Exposure Show

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While some team members worked in Times Square, some more of our members were at The Penthouse working the Infinite Exposure show. In this show, our hair stylists were able to execute full-glam looks, complete with Blinger hair gems. Nothing says GLAM more than bedazzled hair! It was a very fun tool for our students to become familiar with! The designers of this show were not disappointed either. All clothing lines were of bright and traditional patterns, bold colors, and some looks even bedazzled as well, to match the hair look of the event, of course! Our LIBS Beauty Design Team worked alongside our partner school, the New York Institute of Beauty’s Make Up Team. Collaboratively, both teams worked to achieve beautiful makeup and hair looks.

Street Fashion Week

Instagram: @libshempstead @libs_hauppauge

On Sunday, February 12th, we as well as our two partner schools, the New York Institute of Beauty and American Beauty School, worked the show for Street Fashion Week in Brooklyn. This event was nothing short of spectacular! The team was given the opportunity to work on many lovely models that walked the runway in designer, Ron Dyce newest collection! It was so special to see our team members work on, not only the models, but their confidence in themselves and their abilities!

LIBS Beauty Design Team

We could not be any more grateful or any prouder of the LIBS Beauty Design Team and all the hard work they put into each show! Their talent is truly impeccable. Our team is a constant reminder that nothing is impossible as long as you remain determined, persistent, and believe in yourself! We have immense love and support for each team member and lead stylist that works with us, nothing we do is possible without their support!

If you are interested in creating success like working backstage at thrilling events like NYFW or want to simply get started with an education and career in cosmetology or nail specialty, click here or call 631-724-0440 to learn more about our courses and LIBS Beauty Design Team!