To cement your position as a top stylist at your new salon, retail sales are extremely important. Selling hair products isn’t usually what stylists envision when enrolling in beauty school. However, retail leverages your reputation in the industry and demonstrates your knowledge of the best haircare products on the market.

Learn About the Products

One of the best ways to increase retail sales is to practice what you preach. If you find a product you love, your pitch is authentic. As an example, if you have color damaged hair and found a product that has repaired your own hair, then share the wealth with your clients. Research the brands and products sold by your salon and test out one or two at a time. Find out the ingredients and determine the target audience for the products you find the best out of the bunch.

Building Trust

Although stylists can earn a commission from product sales, the salon should never be a high-pressure sales environment. When you’re just starting out, your goal is to turn new customers into long-term clients. Instead of pestering clients to buy a certain haircare product, get to know him or her. Ask questions about the client’s haircare routine and note any problems while working on his or her hair. Instead of recommending products at the end of the appointment, choose your timing wisely. As an example, if a client complains about dry hair, recommend a hydrating shampoo and conditioner when rinsing. For styling products, demonstrate their benefits to increase your sales. Show the client how to use each product and point out any tips or tricks to maximize results.

Follow Up

One of the best ways to increase your retail sales is during the follow up. Shoving a few products at your clients and sending them on their merry way won’t do much for anyone. Note the products they purchased and check in with them at the next visit. Ask about how they are liking the products and point out any visible changes you see. If your client isn’t a fan, don’t press the issue. Instead, offer an alternative at a promotional price or as a free sample.

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