Blow drying your hair at home and getting a blowout is a completely different experience. Ask any salon client and she will readily admit that her hair has never looked better than after a professional blowout. By learning to perfect their blowout techniques, stylists are finding an easy way to gain new clients and bring in serious cash.

The Rise of the Blowout

Although blowouts have been an offered service for a long time, the treatment has become incredibly popular over the last several years. Their popularity is tied to blow dry bars popping up all around the country. Blow dry bars don’t book cut and color appointments. Instead, they are exclusively for clients looking for a session that includes hair washing, blow drying, and hairstyling. The end result is hair that looks sleek and smooth with amazing shine.

Fast and Easy

The appeal of learning how to do the perfect blowout is that once you master the technique, you can fill in your book with short appointments that won’t last more than an hour. For the majority of clients, a blowout can be done in less than 45 minutes. Plus, there’s no downtime like when you need to wait for chemicals to process. Once hair is dried and styled, clients can leave the salon right away. Best of all, it’s a one-time service—meaning no redo requests a few days later.

All Hair Types Welcomed

All types of hair can benefit from a blowout. Blowouts address hair issues such as frizz, cowlicks, and dull locks. Clients with fine hair, curly hair, kinky hair, and thick, coarse hair will all boast amazing results after a blowout. The reason is that you will have the training to make sure each section is perfect before the client leaves the chair. Products used in conjunction with the hairdryer remove frizz, set styles, and seal the hair cuticle. On average, the results of a blowout can last anywhere from three to six days. You can recommend products to your clients at the end of their blowout appointments to help extend the results.

Make your clients feel confident and happy when they leave your chair by offering blowouts. Students from Long Island Beauty School can attend instructional sessions on blowout techniques from the experts at DryBar. Open to current students and graduates, DryBar will also be recruiting during the informative events.