Attending cosmetology school on Long Island offers a slew of financial and professional benefits. Most significantly, Long Island beauty schools have highly rated cosmetology programs. Long Island Beauty School has been established for over 65 years and has prepared students to launch their careers in or outside the city.

Long Island’s Growing Job Market

When you attend cosmetology school on Long Island, you gain instant access to a growing job market. The cosmetology job market is booming and more open positions are posted daily. Graduates of Long Island Beauty School often choose to secure a local position or relocate to New York City. Brooklyn is also nearby and has a well-known reputation for being home to the world’s trendiest salons.

Gorgeous Beaches and Thriving Nightlife

Once the weather warms up, nobody wants to stay in the city. Manhattan experiences a mass exodus and countless residents head to Long Island. Long Island is home to gorgeous beaches and a thriving nightlife. Long Island Beauty School has two convenient locations—right in the center of the action.

Convenience Without The Commute

Another benefit of Long Island cosmetology schools is the convenience factor. Commuting to the city is a hassle that most people prefer to avoid. Traffic is awful and you could easily spend hours stuck in gridlock. Mass transit is expensive and trains are often overcrowded. When you go to school on Long Island, you avoid adding the time and expense of commuting to the city for your studies.

Long Island Beauty School Programs

Long Island Beauty School offers the same cosmetology programs as the types available in Manhattan. The cosmetology and hairdressing program from the Long Island Beauty School is 1000 hours and covers everything you need to know to pass the New York State Certification Examination. Topics include sanitization, chemical hair treatments, makeup applications, skincare, business management, and much, much more. Flexible scheduling is available and allows students to meet any other work or family obligations. Courses are available on both weekends and evenings. The Student Services Department will assist with finding job placement for program graduates. Students also gain hands-on experience while attending school by receiving invitations to special events such as hairstyling competitions, charity fashion shows, and Fashion Week.

The Long Island Beauty School is the perfect place to launch your career in the field of cosmetology. Learn beyond the basics and gain practical experience at the student salons found at both the Hempstead and Hauppauge locations. Contact us today to learn more.