Make the most of your education at Long Island Beauty School by following these helpful study tips.

1. Team Up With Other Students

When practicing skills or studying for an exam, grab a buddy! It’s often easier to complete a round of studying or cram for an exam if you have someone to practice with and bounce ideas off of. Similarly, practical skills can be practiced on each other. Style your study partner’s hair, or let them give you a manicure. You can critique each other to help both of you improve.

2. Set Small, Attainable Goals

Want to improve at one, particular skill? Set a small goal around it. For example, if you want to get better at updos, tell yourself that you’ll start doing one updo a day on a friend or roommate. Do it while you’re watching TV or hanging out after school. Attaining this small goal can lead to significant improvement over several weeks.

3. Limit Distractions When Studying

Although it may be tempting to study while watching TV or listening to a podcast, avoid this urge. In many situations, it will end up taking you twice as long to get through the same amount of material if you are distracted. Be efficient with your studying, and turn off your phone and other distractions.

4. Take Part in Workshops

Each year, Long Island Beauty School offers numerous opportunities to be involved in workshops. These are an excellent way to improve your skills and learn from top professionals.

5. Celebrate Small Victories

Take your education one day at a time, one week at a time, one skill at a time, and one class at a time. Then, each time you achieve something, celebrate it! You can even reward yourself. You deserve to feel the positive effects of the hard work you’re putting into your education.

Have Questions About the Long Island Beauty School Curriculum?

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