Textured hair offers up the perfect opportunity for stylists to experiment with their hair designs. Textured hair doesn’t become weighed down by product—making it the perfect canvas for the most extreme styles. With the natural hair movement in full swing, more clients are embracing their textured hair and looking for creative ways to show off their waves and curls.

Mix and Match Curl Styles

One way stylists can create a beautiful textured look is not creating uniform curls throughout a client’s hair. Loose curls coupled with crimped hair can not only coexist, but also look daring and elegant. Crimped or straight bangs next to wild curls offer a fun and fresh take for women who want to create a different type of look for their naturally textured hair. Stylists can and should use different sized curling irons when creating fun textured looks with plenty of body.

Wild and Free

Although textured hair may require a lot of product to tame, the latest styles give the impression of unfussy and natural hair. Mid-length and shorter hair should have a “messier” appearance while longer haircuts should have more of a flowing style.

Tapered Afro

A standout hair design that has been a hit in recent months is the tapered afro. This style is ideal for the client who has naturally textured hair who wants to show off her glorious curls and volume. Curls stay on top while the shaved section at the neckline adds more drama to the afro. The tapered afro leaves a lot of room open to experimentation such as graphics in the undercut or longer locks left on top.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots not only are a hit with women who have textured hair, but also serve the purpose of protecting hair. Bantu knots involve sectioning off textured hair and rolling them into mini buns. Bantu knots can be paired with braids to add more flair to the style. Another type of style is to create the bantu knots in the front of the scalp and leave the rest of the curls free.

Experiment with Color

Texture doesn’t only come from heat styling tools. Using lowlights and highlights can enhance hair texture. Adding color underneath lighter strands at the hairline will add depth to a style.

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