One of the top ways Long Island Beauty School graduates attract new clients is through social media platforms. Social media platforms provide a place to highlight your stunning work. Keep in mind there’s the right way to market on social media as a stylist and the wrong way.

Social Media Do’s

  • Choose a goal for any social media campaign. Do you want to entice new clients to try your services? Or are you looking to advertise a limited-time deal? Do you aim to increase your retail sales? Once you set your goals, you can create content that aligns with these objectives.
  • Figure out your target audience. Your ideal client may fall into a specific age range or gender. You also want to consider what social media platforms they’re more likely to use. The details of your ideal client help you figure out what to post on your pages. There are a variety of resources available to further your knowledge of your target audience. 
  • Select high-quality images. Hairstylists need to plan their posts around beautiful pictures of their work. Make sure the lighting and angles are good before posting any photos. We highly recommend seeing what professional companies are doing. This will give you a better understanding of quality and angles. 
  • Brainstorm ideas for posts. Although before or after posts are engaging, they should not be the only thing you’re posting. Choose a theme for each month. For instance, holiday hair ideas, behind-the-scenes bridal looks, or best looks for short hair.
  • Keeping your target audience engaged with your content is important. Creating fun content that is both educational and entertaining can truly transform your social media platforms. Many companies are incorporating Reels into their feeds to reach potential clients that are not following them. 

Social Media Don’ts 

  • Never leave your social media pages outdated. Although you may frequently post when you first launch, many stylists stop updating. Create a social media posting schedule and stick to it. For instance, create new content two to three days a week. Pro Tip: Utilize a scheduling tool to plan out your post. This will help keep your engagement high while you are busy doing what you love! Stay up to date with what is currently trending on the platforms. 
  • Don’t ignore people who interact with you online. No response from a stylist through social media can turn away potential new clients. Remember to tag others too in posts when relevant. Tags help broaden your audience. Strong customer service can help grow your business!
  • Never post any controversial or offensive content. Stylists must always remain professionals. Also, you don’t want to violate any guidelines of social media platforms. Poor conduct can get your account suspended.
  • Don’t forget to edit your photos. Don’t use photoshop, but you should experiment with crop and focus tools. Pro Tip: Use portrait mode in your camera settings if you have one available. If you don’t, that is okay! Make sure the background is not cluttered or too distracting from your final product. You want to make sure all the focus is on your beautiful masterpiece!

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