Whether you’re returning to, or enrolling in, the Long Island Beauty School (or just missing your own salon) one thing is clear: Stylists and beauty professionals are more important than ever. Here are just a few simple reasons why beauty pros will be considered “emotional first responders” as quarantine restrictions continue to be lifted.

Rescue 911!

Of course, the only thing that really matters is the health of ourselves and our loved ones. But it’s still natural to resent those dark roots, “unibrows” and ragged cuticles.

In addition, people working from home need to keep their look polished and consistent. Those Zoom meetings have a way of highlighting what our salon visits help us conceal!

That’s why beauty professionals will likely be greeted like conquering heroes once salons and spas begin to accept clients again.

Emotional Rescue

Even before the quarantine, it was no secret that pampering is a big part of the reason why going to a beauty professional is so special. The physiological benefits of going to a beauty professional include:

  • The atmosphere. Whether a client’s preferred vibe is neighborhood hangout or zen-like sanctuary, going to their regular spa or salon helps smooth out the rough edges of the outside world.
  • The beauty professional. Stylists and estheticians just have a knack for putting a client at ease while pampering them, whether those clients are super chatty or a bit shy. No one gets as excited about your weekend plans as your regular manicurist, or is as soothing as your facial esthetician.
  • The soothing touch. Whether it’s a full massage or a warm shampoo, beauty professionals know that stress receptors are eased with a gentle touch and pleasant sensory cues.
  • The ego-boosting results! The end results of all that pampering, of course, are beauty treatments that leave clients looking and feeling their best. From a daring new hair color, to rejuvenated skin, to rose-tipped tootsies, beauty treatments have a way of boosting both body and soul.

The Long Island Beauty School is working hard to make sure online learning is productive for current students. And prospective students can contact us any time to learn about enrolling, either for our current distance learning programs, or are future hands-on, traditional classes in either of our two Long Island locations. We’ll prepare you for that day in the near future when you’ll be able to give current and future clients the pampering they’ve been yearning for!