As the time comes to reflect on the past year and make goals for 2019, it may be the best time to think about a career change. Have you always loved helping your friends get ready for a night out on the town? Do you find yourself frequently researching the latest hair styles and makeup trends? Then perhaps 2019 is the year where you should begin your career in cosmetology.

Top Reasons to Start Your New Career in the New Year

1. The new year is symbolic for new beginnings. You may hesitate to start taking classes in the early summer months, when everyone is going into vacation mode. The fall is such a busy time of year that quickly leads into the hectic holidays. January is the perfect time to start taking hairdressing and cosmetology classes.

2. This is a resolution that you can easily keep. The cosmetology classes at Long Island Beauty School are both affordable and convenient. You can enroll in courses that work with your current responsibilities and commitment, and you can easily work toward your career goals.

3. This is more than just a pursuit of passion — it’s an investment in yourself and in your family. By making an effort to change careers and to start a cosmetology program, you are opening up new opportunities for yourself and your family. You will be more satisfied at work each day, both personally and professionally, and you will be able to earn a higher income over time as your skills develop and your client base expands.

As December winds down, it’s time to stop idly browsing those beauty blogs all while knowing you can do so much better than the person publishing those posts. Make 2019 your year by taking the next important step in beginning your career in hairdressing and cosmetology.

The Long Island Beauty School has been helping aspiring professionals become a success since 1941. For decades, we have been using hands-on training and skills-based learning opportunities to provide our students with the best possible start in the hair and beauty industry. After completing our Hairdressing and Cosmetology Program, you will be prepared to pass your certification exam and begin a career that will take you farther than you ever imagined possible.

Forget those resolutions about exercising more or eating better. Instead, invest in yourself and start a new career in the new year. Contact the Long Island Beauty School today to enroll.