Embracing natural hair has never been more empowering. Major beauty brands have noticed the increased demand for effective products that style hair of natural textures. Consequently, salons have hired more stylists with experience working with natural hair. With the natural hair care industry anticipated to grow at unprecedented rates, you will want to expand your skill set by becoming knowledgeable about Natural Hairstyling.  Luckily, you have the opportunity to attend the upcoming Natural Hairstyling workshop at Long Island Beauty School! Visit our website and register for the event through our events page!

Current Natural Hair Care Industry Statistics

The natural hair care industry has expanded tremendously over the last five years. Geared toward people with natural curls, curly hair care products look to style curls of varying textures. Research and development teams have started to test products at curl levels from 1 to 5 as well as a, b, and c. The change means better product availability since formulas are safe for all hair types, including very kinky and curly textures.

Brands have benefitted tenfold from making more inclusive product lines. According to Nielsen, hair care is one of the top spending categories for black Americans. Annually, $2.29 billion is spent on hair care—more than double the amount spent on skin care. Most notably, Nielsen surveyed respondents about current beauty offerings for people of color. A total of 72 percent felt a significant gap in beauty products and services for black consumers, but with more representative brands and products emerging, this gap is progressively decreasing.

Natural Hair Care Market Projections

In October 2022, the Natural Hair Care Products Global Market Report 2022 was released by the marketing agency Reportlinker. Based on the report, the global natural hair product market has an anticipated growth of $9.89 billion in 2022 to $12.18 billion by 2026. The figures reflect a compound annual growth rate of 5.4 percent.

Research and development teams will continue to focus on products with clean, safe, and effective ingredients. Currently, 58 percent of ethnic hair products contain at least one toxic component, which yields there’s a call for healthier formulations.

Become Skilled in Natural Hair Care and Styling at Long Island Beauty School

Long Island Beauty School is thrilled to announce an upcoming workshop to provide those ready to learn more about styling 3a to 4c hair with the opportunity to do so! In our two-hour workshop Natural Hairstyling Workshop, you will expand your ability to work with natural curls and understand different textures and patterns of hair. Attendees will focus on the technical and creative aspects of styling hair that’s curly, kinky, coarse, and varied textured. Expert stylists will also share the best tools and products for natural hair. Register today! Each attendee will receive an Essential Natural Hair Styling Kit as part of the registration fee!