The word “boring” isn’t likely to come to mind for men’s haircuts in 2019. The latest trends for male haircuts are designed to turn heads. Haircuts for the New Year will be edgy, modern, and require a little more upkeep than styles of years past. Here are the top haircuts that will likely be requested by men in 2019.


The quiff haircut is inspired by the pompadour style and has consistently remained popular among men for decades. The main feature of a quiff is the piled high hair on top of the head. The cut will leave as much hair on top while cutting the hair shorter on the sides and in the back. Hair will be combed back slightly and texturized to remain up. Quiff haircuts can be as wild or as defined as the client prefers. Unlike pompadours, quiff cuts have a less sleek and shiny appearance.

Short Crop

Potentially inspired by the micro bangs trend for women, the very short crop is poised to be a hit with men in 2019. The short crop will feature leaving a few millimeters of length left in the front with a mid to high fade. This haircut is ideal for men with straight and fine hair texture. The cut is very low maintenance and requires very little product.

Twisted Afro

Men with coarse hair have been enjoying the current trend of growing out hair into an afro. Afros in 2019 will have a more stylized appearance by being twisted at the ends. Layered braids will also be in trend for men with coarse hair. For men with curly, but not coarse hair, longer haircuts will be requested that allow the curls to take on their natural shape.


The new love for undercuts is easily traced to the popularity of the show “Peaky Blinders.” The style has actually been around since the turn of the 20th century and is distinguished by the contrast between the longer hair on the top and shorter sides. The longer hair on top can be cut into a variety of styles including the pompadour or comb over.

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