Marvel costumes are expected to be all the rage this Halloween. The women of Marvel are diverse with unique hairstyles and makeup artistry that can’t be found anywhere else. Stylists can get creative this fall by recreating some of Marvel’s iconic looks.

Marvel Hairstyles

In the latest Marvel movie releases, fans were clamoring to copy Captain Marvel’s gender-bending hairstyle. In her debut movie, she sported loose waves and a shoulder-length cut. In Endgame, her hair was super short with a pompadour style. To recreate the look, use a round brush to create volume by brushing the hair upside down before flipping it back over. For long hair, pin down the back of the hair and tease up the front. Use a pomade or wax to keep hair in place.

Another popular Marvel hairstyle this year will be Shuri’s look from Black Panther. Although this style is easiest for those who already have microbraids, you can add in small braids later. To get the look, separate the hair into two high pigtails. Work in several small braids before separating them into three sections for each pigtail. Braid these sections together before using elastic to tie them off. Wrap the braids around each pigtail and use bobby pins to secure the hair.

Marvel Makeup

Black Widow’s makeup look is perfect to recreate for Halloween. Her makeup is dark and bold with a color palette featuring mostly reds and black. Go for high drama with deep purple lip color outlined with a black lip liner to create a contrast. A smoky eye look is ideal for this makeup style with black liner that extends beyond the corners and jet-black mascara. Create high drama with a blush-colored eye shadow.

Scarlet Witch has a similar makeup style to Black Widow. Create your own twist on the look by adding a bold lip color like a matte red. Add a hint of a pink blush to the cheekbones to create rosy appearance. Scarlet Witch usually sports a smoky eye look too, but her makeup is a little more understated with brown mascara and neutral browns for the eye shadow colors.

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