By now, many of us are automatically reaching for our masks when we leave the house. But coordinating our face-covering and face-freshening routines may not be quite as routine. Here are a few things to keep in mind for maxim comfort and beauty.

Eye-Popping Impact

At the risk of being obvious, eye makeup should be your area of focus while wearing a mask. But what’s not so obvious is that more people are having fun breaking out of their neutral palettes.

Colored mascaras and eyeliners are a booming trend, giving you a chance to go beyond the usual blacks and dark browns. Give yourself permission to add a bit of zing to your look with a violet cat’s eye, or perhaps some sapphire blue lashes.

Your eye shadow kits may already have a bit of blue, green or pink mixed in with the neutrals, but now you can really have fun with those more adventurous shades. Or consider adding a bit of glitter to the mix.

Of course, bright colors and sparkle aren’t always appropriate, especially for the workplace. But you can still focus on vivid eyes by using more defined liner and shading, along with a higher-volume mascara, than you might normally apply.

To really frame those vivid eyes, don’t forget to create a stronger brow. Use a home waxing kit or tweezers to eliminate strays, and a good-quality brow kit to shape and define.

Above and Below

A light powder can help take down much of the unwanted shine on your forehead and at the bridge of your nose. You can also add a bit of a glow to your complexion by dabbing on a rosy blush along your temples and hairline. If your mask has a distinct color, make sure that the blush you use compliments those colors — a peachy or apricot blush with a coral-hued mask, for example.

Keep “Interior Paint” to a Minimum

For days when you’re transitioning from mask to no-mask while in public, it’s understandable that you’ll want some makeup coverage on your lower face. Yet you still need to keep the inside of your mask as clean as possible, while also avoiding unsightly stains showing through lighter fabric coverings.

The solution? Wear water-based foundation and blush, and apply a finishing layer of powder to prevent greasy buildup on the fabric. You can also powder your lips after blotting the color to minimize staining. Or better still, apply lipstick after removing the mask.

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