Since 1941, Long Island Beauty School has been educating students in the proper techniques of hairdressing, cosmetology, and esthetics. Now, LIBS also provides students with an education in client well-being and safety through the Milady RISE Certification program. Obtaining a RISE certification means LIBS students will gain an understanding of protecting public health while also becoming aware of the warning signs of human trafficking and domestic abuse. Given that beauticians, cosmetologists, and estheticians come in close personal contact with their clients, a certification in health and safety has the potential to benefit countless individuals each day.

Milady Rise Partner

To obtain the RISE Certification in Client Well-Being and Safety, students will attend a 3.5-hour online course that covers all the essential information regarding health, domestic abuse, and human trafficking. When the course is completed, students will know how to identify signs of abuse and trafficking and will also learn how to properly refer affected clients to the right sources for help. When students are trained in recognizing the evidence, they can be a voice for the vulnerable and become empowered to assist those at risk. And, with the number of at-risk or abused individuals increasing daily, such awareness is greatly needed.

In addition to abuse awareness, LIBS students will also be thoroughly trained in infection control through the Milady RISE Certification program. With the continued presence of COVID-19, the health of both the client and the beautician is a top priority. Therefore, the RISE online course covers essential subjects such as proper disinfection procedures, occupational health risks, personal health protection, and how to maintain an environment that will help stop the spread of infectious diseases. These topics will give students the tools needed to provide both preventative measures and an action plan in the case of exposure.

Long Island Beauty School has decided to become a Milady RISE partner school to better serve students, clients, and the greater community. Upon completing the RISE Certification program, LIBS students will be an asset to any salon as they will bring with them not only the technical skills of the field, but also the training to keep themselves and their clients safe and healthy. In providing a well-rounded education, LIBS positions students to become proficient, active, and aware members of their communities and of the world.

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