Hairdressers play an important role in helping their clients look and feel their best. For clients suffering from hair loss, this can be an especially vital part of the job. At Long Island Beauty School, part of the training students receive in our Hairdressing and Cosmetology program is related to identifying causes of hair loss and approaching the issue tactfully with clients. In doing so, hairdressers are able to provide the highest level of service.

Common Causes

As you will learn in your formal education and training here at LIBS, there are many common causes of hair loss in both men and women of all ages. Hereditary factors often play a major role; both men and women with a family history of hair loss can suffer from this issue. It is especially common among those with naturally fine hair, though hereditary hair loss can happen to anybody at any point in life.

In other cases, hair loss may be caused by stress or even a chronic illness. Hormonal imbalances can also lead to hair loss, as can ongoing treatment for cancer. Even when medical problems and stress are not a factor, hairdressers should be on the lookout for signs of hair loss caused by the use of the wrong hair care products or even excessive heat styling.

Approaching With Sensitivity

Understandably, most clients suffering from hair loss feel sensitive about it. This is why hairdressers must learn to approach the subject with as much tact and respect as possible. If a client brings up hair loss as a concern, it’s easier to broach and discuss the issue. However, if a hairdresser chooses to bring up hair loss unprompted, this is something that should be done with the utmost care. The last thing a hairdresser wants, after all, is to make a client uncomfortable or to upset (and subsequently lose) a valued client.

Learn About Treating Hair Loss and More at LIBS!

At Long Island Beauty School, causes of hair loss and potential treatment options are a part of our curriculum. Students learn the most effective ways to discuss treatment options with clients while making sure they feel respected and valued. Ready to learn more about our Hairdressing and Cosmetology program? Reach out today to request more information and discover how we can help you kickstart a successful and rewarding beauty career!