As a professional in the beauty industry, you spend a lot of one-on-one time with your clients. Youve invested hours helping them improve their self-image and gain confidence in their new looks. Youve probably also spent time listening to them express concerns, worries, and hopes about their lives and futures. While you may not be a licensed therapist, many clients find it therapeutic to discuss what theyre going through as they sit in your chair. With that being the case, here are 5 tips you can follow to help their experience be a positive one on multiple levels.

1. Be a considerate listener – Its easy to get distracted by your busy surroundings, but let your client know that when theyre in your chair, they have 100% of your attention. Avoid engaging in conversation with other stylists and customers while your client is talking, and provide feedback that lets them know youre listening!

2. Stay positive – You can validate the feelings your client is expressing while still providing positive perspective and insights. Try to keep the conversation headed in a beneficial direction by offering encouragement and perhaps even sharing some of the happy outcomes that youve personally experienced.

3. Be uplifting – It can sometimes be difficult to feel positive when a client is sharing something sad or negative that theyre experiencing. But remember that when they come to you, theyre often looking for a lift in their physical appearance as well as in their mood and self-confidence. Try to keep your comments uplifting and supportive so theyll leave your chair with a smile.

4. Remember details – Though you have multiple clients in and out of your chair during the day, try to remember a few details about each one. Remembering parts of your prior conversations with your clients will help them forge a personal connection with you and keep them coming back for more than just your beauty services.

5. Be genuine – Most important of all, be yourself. Your clients continue to return because they like you and the services you provide. Remain genuine in your interactions with your clients so they can feel your sincerity and have their time with you be a highlight of their day.

Maintaining a good attitude and engaging in uplifting conversations with your clients each day will make a positive impact with rewards that go beyond the limits of your chair! If you are interested in making people look and feel good, cosmetology may be an ideal career choice. For more information regarding our cosmetology program, speak to our admissions team today!