As innovative as online learning can be, we understand that for beauty students, hands-on training is crucial. As we begin the process of reopening the school, we want to reiterate that safety is our first priority.

Returning to School Safely

As with many aspects of Covid-19 reopening guidelines, it’s expected that safety regulation may change over the coming weeks. Look to administration and instructors to let you know the latest guidelines regarding personal protection and facility sanitation.

Of course, clean workstations and other areas are always high priorities at our school. But as you return, you’ll be given even more information about the best way to keep equipment and other areas sanitary.

Our staff will also be working hard to keep common areas disinfected, from reception areas and countertops to back bars and treatment rooms. Of course, we’ll also make sure to keep the school readily supplied with soap, disinfectant, tissue, and other supplies necessary for proper personal hygiene and facility sanitation.

The Guest Experience

Guests to our schools’ clinics are a vital part of the hands-on learning experience, and we strive to give our guests a great salon experience in exchange!

During this crisis, it’s important to confer with potential guests as they arrange appointments. They’ll be asked questions such as whether they’ve traveled to an area heavily affected by the virus recently, whether they have any flu-like symptoms, and if they have recently been exposed to someone with the virus.

Guests will also be asked to comply with the latest state regulations, which might include wearing a mask, coming alone (exceptions may be made for minors), and following social distancing guidelines while waiting for their appointments.

Infection Control Certificate

An integral part of staying safe for yourself and your clients during the Covid-19 crisis is to learn up-to-the-minute safety practices. We’re pleased to promote the Milady Infection Control Certification, a free two-hour online course.

The certificate is printable upon completion, so that you can assure your clients, both at your physical work station and on social media, that you are knowledgeable about the most current health standards. The course itself is user-friendly and includes videos and activities. Best of all, you can complete it at your own pace.

We’ve Missed You!

Here at Long Island Beauty School, we can’t wait to see you back, as well as to welcome new faces! We’re committed to a safe environment for our students as we continue to teach both innovative and time-honored techniques.