An esthetician is a cosmetology professional who specializes in skin care services. The role of an esthetician is to provide the client with information, advice, treatments and products that will help enhance the appearance of their skin.

The demand for qualified estheticians continues to increase, particularly as people realize the important role their skin plays in their overall appearance. In an era where people spend more time on video calls and less time in person with others, it’s become very apparent that a fresh and healthy complexion is necessary.

By becoming an esthetician, you can take your career in a new, fulfilling direction. Here’s how to become an esthetician in New York:

Enroll in a Certified Esthetics Program

In order to become a practicing esthetician in New York, you need to complete a 600-hour approved course of study. At Long Island Beauty School, we offer a 600-hour esthetics program that is certified by the state of New York and that provides you with the comprehensive information that you need in order to begin working as an esthetician.

Pass The New York Written and Practical Licensing Exams

After you have finished your esthetician program, and you have graduated from beauty school, you will need to pass both the written and practical New York licensing exams for esthetics. The Long Island Beauty School program is designed in accordance with the licensing exam, and is structured so that our students will be successful on both of these exams.

Partner with Job Placement Services to Get Your First Job

Once you have passed your licensing exam, you will be ready to enter the job market. Fortunately, the students at Long Island Beauty School can rely on job placement services in order to secure a position that suits their personal needs and professional interests. Our qualified staff members work closely with our graduates in order to help them get a job as an esthetician.

In order to kickstart your career as an esthetician, you will want to choose an established esthetics program that is certified by the state of New York. At Long Island Beauty School, we have been educating the leading cosmetology professionals in the region for the past 75 years. Our esthetics program includes practical information that you need to become a qualified esthetician, but it also emphasizes the importance of skill development.

For more information about becoming an esthetician in New York, contact Long Island Beauty School today.