Step behind the scenes at any runway event, and you will find hairstylists, makeup artists, designers, models, assistants, and producers running to and fro at a steady pace. There is so much going on backstage, you must love the thrill of some organized chaos to truly enjoy the experience. 

Your skills and readiness here must be on point. Your ability to snap to, change direction, improvise, and work on the fly must be amazing. When it comes to runway hairstyling, only the absolute best will make it. 

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Does the idea of a fast-paced work environment, close attention to detail, improvisation, and ultra-excitement make your heart race? If so, runway hairstyling may be the profession for you. 

Steps to Becoming a Runway Hairstylist

Hairstylists make it as runway stylists in a variety of ways, but essentially, you’ll follow a career path that will look something like this: 

  1. Choose a cosmetology school 
  2. Select and complete a hairstyling program 
  3. Earn your cosmetology license 
  4. Intern at runway events and/or obtain direct production experience 
  5. Network with others in the industry 
  6. Apply for runway stylist positions 
  7. While you wait to get a runway job, build your resume and portfolio 
  8. Earn a paying runway job and work your way up 

Runway Hairstylist Training: What You Can Expect at Long Island Beauty School

At Long Island Beauty School, the Hairdressing and Cosmetology Program offers the perfect opportunity to become immersed in a diverse curriculum of cosmetology education. From sanitation & sterilization of tools to hair analysis, scalp treatments, waving, haircutting, and more, students learn everything there is to know about becoming a professional hairstylist. All the skills necessary for making it big behind the scenes at runway events are taught right here at our institute. 

In addition to these essential skills and techniques taught by our highly skilled and experienced instructors, our students also receive the rare opportunity of participating in New York Fashion Week as well as other events throughout the year. These opportunities help build not only your confidence in your techniques, but also helps develop a professional portfolio, network with other industry professionals, and gain real-world experience even before you graduate!  

If you have always been fascinated by high fashion and are interested in pursuing a career as a runway hairstylist, Long Island Beauty School will provide the education and training you need to make your dreams a reality. Our next Fashion Week event is right around the corner!  

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