Unlike traditional colleges and universities, cosmetology schools offer efficient degrees that most students can complete in between one and two years. While this is the standard, however, how long your cosmetology coursework takes will really depend on three factors:

  • The length of programs your chosen school offers. Different schools offer programs of varied lengths. At Long Island Beauty School, we offer both full-time and part-time cosmetology coursework, which you can complete through either day or evening programs.
  • Hours required for your degree. Every state has different licensing requirements, which can change the ultimate length of your program. New York State requires 1000 hours of coursework before you can sit for your licensing exam.
  • Your area of focus. Some specialized coursework may take longer than traditional cosmetology programs. On the other hand, if you’ve completed your baseline cosmetology degree and simply want to supplement with further education after you graduate, you can usually do so by setting aside just a few hours each week.

Choosing Between Part-Time and Full-Time School

Many students get stuck when it comes to choosing between part-time and full-time cosmetology programs. Most want to finish quickly so they can get started on their careers. And in this case, that means choosing the full-time program, which is shorter.

On the other hand, many students are holding down other full-time or part-time jobs, and some may be taking care of a family and handling other responsibilities as well. In this case, the part-time program may be more feasible.

Basically, there are three things you need to think about when choosing between a part-time and full-time cosmetology program:


If you’re not working a full-time job, taking care of a family, and/or handling other responsibilities, going to school full-time may be a good choice. It allows you to efficiently finish your studies and move seamlessly onto your dream career path.


Whether you have demanding responsibilities or not, stress is another consideration you should think about. Everyone handles stress differently. If you can foresee that you’re going to get stressed out with a full load of coursework on top of everything else you do, you might consider part-time cosmetology school. This will allow you to go at your own pace and ensure that you don’t suffer from burnout.


If you’d like to space out school payments, it may be more financially feasible to move at a slower pace and go to school part-time.

Are You Ready to Start a Career in Cosmetology?

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