Although all careers involve dressing for success, this is especially true for stylists. If you’re being booked for a hair or makeup appointment, then you’ll want to dress impeccably. If you look good, then clients are more likely to trust you to make them look good. The following are the top ways dressing up will improve your career in the beauty industry.

Professional Image

Black and white clothing has become the unofficial uniform for stylists. Black and white clothing has a clean and professional look. Black clothing looks sophisticated and establishes your identity as a professional in the field. Black pants and a crisp white dress shirt is a common look seen in upscale salons along the east coast.

Express Creativity

Not all stylist jobs require a black and white dress code. Depending on the salon, you may have some license to express your creative spirit. Stylish dresses, skirts, and even jeans may be allowed to showcase the salon’s trendy image. However, trendy doesn’t equate sloppy. Clothing should still be clean, pressed, and well fitting. Trendy clothing should still be considered work-appropriate. As a rule, avoid crop tops, mini skirts, and short shorts.

Dressing for Practicality

Dressing for success also involves choosing clothing that will not get in the way of your job. Big hoop earrings, long bell sleeve shirts, crochet sweaters, and bangle bracelets are usually clothing and accessory items you want to avoid when working in cosmetology. You don’t want to wear anything that runs the risk of coming into contact with the client during a hair or makeup appointment. Stylists are on their feet for hours on end, so choose black non-slip flats for footwear.

Don’t Forget the Hair and Makeup

A messy bun or simple ponytail doesn’t portray the appearance of a professional stylist. You want to have a hairstyle that makes clients want to emulate your look. Makeup worn for work should be tasteful and not overdone. Although you may love the glitter lip trend, client appointments are not the ideal time to show off the look. Avoid anything a client may find off-putting too, such as strong fragrances.

Along with your superior skills, your wardrobe will help make new clients become regulars. Long Island Beauty School prepares students to not only offer superior hair and makeup services, but also how to handle themselves professionally. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative cosmetology and hairdressing program.