Many stylists mistakenly focus on creating dramatic new looks for their clients. Although it’s exciting to offer a total makeover with color services, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of color retouching. The Long Island Beauty School assists all students with monetizing their skill set to achieve success in the field. Here are the top reasons stylists should prioritize color retouching services.

Customer Loyalty

Most stylists look to turn new clients into regulars. You should always mention color retouching services to your clients to build up customer loyalty. Always remind your client that hiring you to professionally color roots confirms the right products are applied. You should inform clients about the importance of using products entirely customized to their hair color and type. Remember to keep up a system that stores a client’s color requirements. Let your clients know you have their information on file to review at each touch-up appointment.

Monthly Appointments

Although hair growth rates vary, most clients will require retouching each month. Hair may grow out lighter or darker, requiring you to make color adjustments to keep locks looking consistent. Darkening or adding color to roots will require a different process than lightening the roots. Instead of adding color, a bleach retouch strips away color to match the rest of the hair. Since matching colors can be tricky, you should recommend that clients see you each time to avoid any mishaps. The goal is to encourage retention and loyalty among your coloring clients. In turn, you could see a surge in income from regular touch-up appointments.

More Than Roots

Retouching appointments can go beyond the roots. Clients may ask you to refresh their ends. Sun exposure and routine shampooing often cause hair to become dull. Refreshing the ends can help reverse the fading and make the hair pop with color again. You may offer the service simultaneously as touching up a client’s roots.

Make retouching service appointments memorable for your clients to encourage loyalty. You could offer a package that includes a scalp massage, shampoo, and deep conditioning with the touch-up treatment. You could also suggest blowouts as an add-on option.

The Long Island Beauty School provides extensive training on hair retouching services. Learn more about the school and its programs by contacting our admissions team today!