It’s that spooktacular time of year once again. Time to reinvent your look with one of these frighteningly unique Halloween hairstyles for 2021.

The Ever Elusive Unicorn

Everyone hopes to find a unicorn, but you can actually be one this Halloween with the right hairstyle. One simple approach is to create an impressive pastel mane to accentuate your prosthetic horn. If you are really feeling creative, try twirling part of your hair up to work as your horn. Either look is mythically fun.

The Great Pumpkin

Who doesnt love that Charlie Brown classic? This Halloween, bring it to life with artistic hair art. First, the perfect updo and a little hair teasing give you that pump pumpkin look. Then, tack on some color — including a tufted bit of green at the top to act as a stem, and youve carved your own version of seasonal pumpkin spice.

A Web of Style

Pull your long back, creating a bun at the nape of your neck, and then add some matching extensions to create a web-tastic look. Place the creepiest plastic spider you can find in the middle of the web and get ready to catch some flies at that Halloween party.


No Halloween would be complete without some haunting hair. Start with a silver or white coloring. If your hair is long, just pull it back into a ponytail at the nape of your neck, or you can use extensions.

Tuck those long locks under and pull them through, so it flows over the tie. Fan it out to create the body of your ghost. Tack on two black eyes and an O” shaped mouth to complete your ghostly style.

The Coolest Witch Hat Ever!

Crimp your way into a brilliant witch hat made from hair. First, crimp the sections, pull them up, and mold them into the pointy shape of a witch’s hat. Don’t forget to pull some around your head to make a brim.

The Eyes Have It

If you want something simpler, try braiding the hair into just about any shape and adding a pair of googly eyes. You can make an octopus, ghost, spider, or any spooky creation you can imagine.

Here Kitty

You can use that same approach, creating braids, to fashion some cat ears out of your hair. This doesn’t require any fancy dye or product. Its an easy trick for a quick Halloween look.

Ready to get started?

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