You may know you’re talented, but does the rest of the world? Hair competitions require advanced preparation, but the numerous benefits of entering and potentially winning will make it time well spent. During a hair competition, you are given the chance to show off your creative side while mastering your overall technique.

Gain Practice

Taking part in a competition takes a lot of PRACTICE. Recruit friends and family members to allow you to try out new styles in preparation for the event. Use techniques that build upon the basics you’ve learned in your beauty school classes. Based on the rules of the competition, create a plan ahead of time to narrow down the style type you’ll be doing during the event. While completing your practice runs, you’ll be given a chance to note any time constraints and figure out how to work around them.

Raise Your Status

The biggest roadblock of launching a new career as a stylist is getting name recognition. Most of us don’t have the patience to wait around and get client referrals from word of mouth alone. When you decide to take part in a hair competition, you have the chance to get noticed by attendees whether you win or lose. If you happen to win, you could use that honor in any marketing efforts for your stylist services.

Expand Your Network

Any type of stylist event is the perfect opportunity to expand your network. Network with fellow stylists, salon and spa owners, photographers, and more. Bring business cards to the competition as a quick way to share your contact details.

Gain a New Learning Experience

Hair competitions will help you learn about yourself as a stylist. During the competition process, you are likely to uncover both your strengths and weaknesses. Hair competitions allow you to push the limits and stretch your technical prowess. An important part of competing is to choose a role model you admire and set out to achieve what he or she has already accomplished. When all is said and done, you can reflect on the competition experience and figure out what you would change in the future.

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