The season of pumpkin spice, caramel apples and shades of brown has arrived. As you invest in a new wardrobe that features booties, scarves and plenty of oversized sweaters, it’s also a great time to switch up your look.

These are the top hair color trends for fall 2019:

Gold Undertones

Summer may be behind us now, but the golden rays of the sunshine have not been forgotten. If you want to pay homage to the past season while looking forward to the next one, gold undertones may be the perfect option for you. These undertones are best applied to dark brown or black hair, as this allows them to stand out and make a fall statement.

Sunset Blend

Sunset blend is a unique hair color that is trending this fall. This application blends hues of pink and lavender to create the look of a sunset in your hair. It’s the perfect option for confident women who want to showcase their style while taking advantage of one of the most exciting trends of the season.

Cinnamon Ombre

Cinnamon ombre is the fall version of the popular ombre hair color trend. Cinnamon ombre takes your hair from shades of deep brown and chestnut on top to brighter shades of red, light brown and golden brown on the bottom. It is worn well by nearly every type of woman, regardless of her skin tone or her natural hair color. It’s one of the most versatile fall trends this year.

S’mores Blend

The name alone makes this hair color one of the best options for fall. Imagine yourself sitting around a campfire with shades of dark brown, golden brown and bright blond cascading around your face. When done correctly, this hair color allows for dark brown roots, golden highlights and bright blond accents at the tips. It’s fun and fresh, which is perfect for fall.

Hair Color Trends for Fall 2019

While it’s tempting to take advantage of the latest fall color trends, you won’t want to switch up your look without consulting with an experienced beauty professional. At Long Island Beauty School, our students are trained to provide each client with the personalized service that they both need and deserve. Our cosmetology students can help you select the trending color that will perfectly complement your style, your natural features and your personality.

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