At Long Island Beauty School, we often invite guest salon owners and stylists to come in and demo their products and services. This gives our students hands-on experience for when they will eventually enter the “real-world” and land that first job.

Salon demos are a great way to converse with experienced professionals. They also give our students the opportunity to get a fresh angle on both new and tried-and-true techniques.

Here are some other ways you can benefit from salon demos.

What You’ll Gain From Attending Salon Demonstrations

Valuable Knowledge and Skills

It should go without saying that the most important benefit of attending salon demonstrations is gaining additional knowledge and skills in your field. By honing your skills and extending what you know about products, techniques, and procedures, you’ll inevitably better your skill-base and make yourself more marketable when it comes time to find a job.

Down the line, this also means you’ll have the capability of making more money than individuals who may not attend the demos during school.

The Possibility of Earning Extra Certifications

Salon demonstrations are presented in addition to the coursework in your particular curriculum. With some of these demonstrations, there is the possibility of attaining an added certification that will only benefit your resume as you search for a job post-graduation.

Networking Opportunities

The guests who come to Long Island Beauty School are from venerable salons in the area. Getting to know these professional artists can be beneficial for you in the future.

For example, some may be looking to hire new employees and will be on the lookout for standout students. Others may simply know about opportunities and other educational events that can benefit your knowledge and skill-base.

The key thing about networking is that you never know how the connections you make now can benefit you in the future. This is why it’s wise to get to know as many professionals as possible.

Insight Into Salon Life

Lastly, students who regularly go to salon demos are far more likely to fully understand what salon life is really like. Depending on the demo you attend, you may get special insights that are difficult to find elsewhere.

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