You’ve come through beauty school and graduation is right around the corner. As you prepare to embark on your new career, there is much to consider. Below are some tips to help you get off on the right foot toward your beauty career.

1. Stay in the game until the end.

As the end of beauty school approaches, it may be tempting to start skipping classes. However, if you want to make sure you have all the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your new career, you should attend all of your classes up until the last day.

2. Start looking for work as soon as you can.

Getting a job can take some time, so as soon as you know when you will be available, it’s a good idea to start submitting applications. Be sure to apply for more than one position so you have the best chance of finding the right job.

And don’t forget to see your career placement representative at your school. They have salons calling on a regular basis looking for qualified candidates. These are amazing job leads.

3. Be ready to dress the part.

When you are working in the field, you will be expected to dress in a way that is both professional and showcases your eye for beauty. If you don’t already have the wardrobe you need to look the part, now is the time to go shopping. Ideally, you should have the clothing you need before you attend your first interview.

4. Make your interviews count.

Before you can land your dream job, you have to perform well in an interview. Although interviews can be nerve-wracking, you can improve your chances with the right preparation. Make sure you are wearing the same type of outfit you would wear at work, and present yourself clean and well-groomed. Think about how you will answer common interview questions, such as questions about your strengths, weaknesses and experience.

5. Take advantage of resources available from your school.

In most cases, you will have access to resources designed to help you as you begin your career. Resources may include interview workshops, job placement and more. Take advantage of these resources to make the process of moving from school to the workplace as smooth as possible.

Preparing to begin your beauty career can be both exciting and overwhelming. By following these tips, you can give yourself the best chance of success.

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