When you are searching for your next job in the beauty industry, you are often focused on preparing for the interview. You are likely going to spend time updating your portfolio, and you are going to practice answering interview questions that delve into your experience, your passion and your creative ideas.

While getting through the interview is an important step in the process of securing an amazing job at a local salon, you also are going to want to focus on the follow-up.

Here are a few options that you have for following up with a prospective employer after a job interview:

Follow-Up with a Thank You Note

One of the best ways to stand out during the interview process is to send a thank you note to the person you spoke with. It is best to do this within 24 hours of your interview, and most people appreciate a simple, straightforward e-mail. For instance, you could say, “Thank you for taking the time to meet with me and discuss the opportunities at your salon. I look forward to hearing from you soon.” If you really would like to stand out, mention a topic that you discussed during the interview. This way the interviewer knows that you were engaged. 

Send an E-mail to Inquire on the Process

Most hiring managers will provide you with information about how long it will be before they make their final decision. If they tell you that you will hear within 7 days, for example, you should wait at least a week before you follow up. If the indicated time has passed, you can send a short e-mail to inquire about the status of the position. For example, you might say, “Thank you for taking the time to interview me for the position at your salon. I was hoping to follow up with you regarding the status of the position.”

Ask for Feedback

In the event that you are not hired for the position that you applied for, you can consider following up with the hiring manager to ask for feedback. This will impress the hiring manager, and they may keep you in mind for future openings. In addition, it can provide you with constructive feedback that can help you improve when you interview for another job. Be open minded to the idea of constructive feedback. 

There are many opportunities to begin a career in the beauty industry. Whether you are interested in a career in esthetics or you are looking to become a hair stylist, you will find that now is the perfect time to begin interviewing for that coveted position. With the right experience and a positive attitude, you are sure to land a job that you love.

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