Employee of Year – Miss Vivian, Spanish Instructor

Long Island Beauty School – Nighttime Spanish Instructor

Q: What led you down the path of becoming an Instructor?

I was a student of the school and graduated in 2010. I came into the school one day for help with my first business license and they told me they were looking for a Spanish educator.  I accepted the challenge! As time went on, I saw myself in many of these students and the passion to teach and help others get started and continue to grow and get better.

Q: What are some of the more significant contributions you bring to the students you teach daily?

I teach all my students’ current styles and trends and I require all my staff in my salons to do the same. I take the students to any and all advanced classes that are available to them while they are in school and this teaches them the importance of continuing education. I also encourage them the step out of their comfort zone and believe in themselves. I always motivate them to do their very best in all they do.

Q: What are some examples of how you create a student-centered learning environment?

Because I teach night classes and almost all my students work during the day before they come to school, many of them are tired when they get here. I have found that it is important to work on practical assignments first. Many nights I do demos with the students, I do a few steps on my manikins while they watch, then send them to their manikin to repeat. This is one of many styles of teaching I use in the classroom to make sure everyone is always engaged. I would say one of the most important things I do is listen to the students. By listening to them I can create a more student-centered environment. I use lots of energy and passion in my lessons, so the students see and feel it. I involve the students and engage them in the entire lesson, and I encourage them to participate even if it is not easy and when they do, I build them up and never make them feel bad for doing it even if they are not correct. I correct them when they make a mistake, I’m honest and let them know they need to practice. I always make them feel safe in the environment they are in so they will also be open with me.

Employee of Year – Miss Vivian

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