The North American Hairstyling Award (NAHA) Winners Are a Great Inspiration and You Can Be Next!

Would you like to be a famous hairstylist some day?

The North American Hairstyling Award (NAHA) winners were announced earlier this year, featuring some of the best hairstylists in the industry today.

The winners this year included:

  • Migena Furxhi for Avant Garde
  • Shirley Gordon for Editorial Stylist of the Year
  • John Mosley as Educator of the Year
  • Sean Godard for Haircolor
  • Reno Prezio for Haircutting
  • Cassie Carey for Hairstylist of the Year
  • Steller Hair Company for Inspiring Salon of the Year
  • Jalia Pettis as Makeup Artist of the Year
  • Ruth Roche as Master Hairstylist of the Year
  • Ali Talamantes as Student Hairstylist of the Year
  • Robin LaChance for Styling and Finishing
  • Ulta Beaty Design Team for Team of the Year
  • Jamal Edmonds for Texture
  • and Kim Rivka Elbaz for #NAHAMOMENT2022

On the Professional Beauty Association Website, you can take a look at a gallery of the winning work by each of the winners as well as more information on where they work and are located.

It’s inspiring seeing what others do with their creativity. Your work could be featured, too. In fact, NAHA 2023 is approaching quickly. Entries open June 6 through September 13, 2022, so now is an excellent time to put together some strong portfolio pieces and to explore the categories that you may want to enter.

Additionally, using the NAHA Mentorship Program, you could go as far as to try to recreate past collections to enter this year.

What Are the Benefits of Entering Competitions?

These competitions give you an opportunity to be seen not only by other stylists but also by potential clients and employers. Those who have won in the past are still kept in galleries that are accessible on the Professional Beauty Association website. Additionally, with the merits of the award from the Professional Beauty Association, you have more leverage to seek higher starting wages or to begin with higher prices in your own, private salon.

If you want to build your clientele and see where you stand in the industry, there is no better method than entering contests to build on your strengths and identify your weaknesses. For faster growth and more exploration, these competitions are key. To enhance your chance of winning, be sure to enroll in a school that encourages you to think outside the box. Long Island Beauty School holds competitions regularly to encourage students to get creative and potentially enter other contests such as NAHA. Speak to the admissions team at Long Island Beauty School to get started today!