Long Island Beauty School strives to give clients the best products available on the market. Our product lines include Design Essentials. The creators of Design Essentials aim to provide people with access to specially-formulated products for their hair types. Products from Design Essentials not only make hair more manageable, but ingredients include vitamins and minerals to keep your locks healthy. The LIBS team recommends the following products from Design Essentials.

Honey Creme Moisture Retention Super Detangling Conditioning Shampoo

Stylists consistently recommend The Honey Crème Shampoo to clients with dry or damaged hair. The hydrating ingredients found in the shampoo will lock in moisture between washes. Your hair will stay clean and feel extra soft after each use. The formulation also works as a detangler that will not strip hair of essential nutrients. The sulfate-free shampoo is gentle enough to use on your hair daily. Clients also love the attractive scent of the shampoo from Design Essentials. The honey smell lingers on the hair long after you rinse. To test out the shampoo, you can choose the 12-ounce bottle or save by buying the bulk gallon size.

Peppermint & Aloe Therapeutics Anti-Itch Shampoo

Many of our clients come to us for assistance with managing hair conditions. Scalp problems mean that you need to use a specialty shampoo. One of our favorites is the Design Essentials Anti-Itch Shampoo. The ingredients in the shampoo will reduce any itching associated with conditions such as dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. The shampoo includes zinc, an agent known for reducing any flaking related to dandruff. The shampoo keeps the hair moisturized while removing excess oils and dirt. Some dandruff shampoos have a strong medicated scent. However, the fragrances in the shampoo from Design Essentials are pleasant and aromatic.

Sleek Edge Control

Sleek Edge Control is one of the favored hold products offered by Design Essentials. The defining gel works to keep styles in place while keeping hair looking natural. The gel provides a firm hold while eliminating common issues such as frizz and flyaways. Apply a fingertip of the gel on wet or dry hair before styling to add extra shine.

Contact the Long Island Beauty School to schedule a hair appointment with one of our talented stylists. Our team members can also recommend their favorite products, including the options available from Design Essentials.