The beauty industry is constantly evolving. What is on trend today may be outdated by tomorrow. Whether you are still attending beauty school or have already carved out a successful career, you need to keep up with a daily industry reading list. By checking out the following websites religiously, you will always be in the know.

Modern Salon

Modern Salon is a favorite website among hairstylists and makeup artists for good reason. The publication shares tutorials, product reviews, career advice, and industry event coverage. Stylists have the option too to subscribe and receive a monthly copy of the Modern Salon magazine. Follow on Pinterest too for daily style inspiration.

Beauty Brand Blogs

Beauty product manufacturers know the best way to reach both clients and stylists is to share information on the latest trends. Brands like Wella regularly update their blog to highlight the latest styles and also offer interviews with hair and makeup pros. The brands recommend products within the blogs and provide before/after photos to demonstrate results.

Hello to Beauty

Celeb makeup artist and hairdresser Nikki Deroest created the Hello to Beauty website. On her blog, she provides tutorials and tips for hairdressers, makeup artists and skincare specialists. She frequently chooses a celebrity muse and makes recommendations on how to copy their looks. Her video tutorials are easy to follow and don’t include any fluff.

The Cut

For stylists who want to check out content that is forward thinking, The Cut is a must for daily reading lists. The Cut is published under New York Magazine and features rising stars in the beauty industry as well as backstage coverage at the hottest beauty events like New York Fashion Week.

Behind the Chair

Many blogs and websites provide content for both clients and stylists. Behind the Chair is geared solely to industry professionals. “The Formula” section on the website is very popular with tutorials that include estimated chair time, color formula breakdowns, and formula application steps. Love the products you see used on the website? You can shop for items through the Behind the Chair online store.

These websites, along with attending a beauty school like the Long Island Beauty School, will prepare you for a successful career. Contact our admissions department today to learn more about our hairdressing and cosmetology programs.