Crochet weaves are not an entirely new hair trend. In fact, crochet weaves first became popular in the late 1990s featuring very small, wavy braids. However, the newest styles feature crochet braids that lend inspiration from the natural hair trend. Notably, stylists are creating crochet weave styles that can be easily mistaken for a client’s real hair.

Why We Love Crochet Weaves

Crochet weaves use a different methodology for adding hair to the head when compared to traditional weaves. Traditional weaves put hair on a weft while crochet braids will remain loose. Hair will not be sewn into cornrows, but instead looped under the cornrows using a crochet needle. Crochet braids typically have a shorter styling time too than traditional weaves and many looks can be achieved in as little as two and a half hours. Careful consideration must be taken with spacing and the thickness of hair strips installed during appointments. With too little spacing, the hair may lack volume while too closely spaced weaves can make the style too thick. Also, thicker hair strips usually work better for the back of the head while thinner strips will have less visible knots and are preferred for the front of the head.

Crochet weaves are ideal for the client who wants a style that looks beautiful, but doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. Crochet weaves are also beneficial for women who don’t want to be stuck wearing the same hairdo for ages. Crochet weaves can be easily manipulated into a range of styles. They can be worn in updos, low buns, sideswept, and many, many more.

Crochet Weave Inspiration

Crochet braids can be easily manipulated into numerous braid patterns. Braid options are seemingly endless with choices including Cuban twists, Jamaican twists, Havana twists and Senegalese twists. Once the crochet weave is in place, style choices can be explored with many being very low maintenance. For instance, flowing crochet braids could be a get up and go look. Another option could be a knotless crochet weave with mousse to flatten hair for a braid-free style.

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